Amazon: Apps, Games und Monetarisierung

Als großer Player hat auch Amazon einen Appstore. Carlos Lievano ist dort Senior Developer Marketing Manager und zudem Speaker bei der Hamburg Games Conference. In unserem Interview gibt er uns schon im Vorfeld Einblicke zu Apps, Games und Monetatisierung.

Amazon, das ist mehr als nur Bücher- oder Klamottenshopping: Video on Demand gehört mittlerweile genauso selbstverständlich zu den Angeboten des Unternehmens wie ein Appstore. Mit dem kennt sich Carlos Lievano, Senior Developer Marketing Manager beim Amazon Appstore, besonders gut aus. Naheliegend also, dass er bei Hamburg Games Conference über „Amazon Underground as a new business model to monetize all your users (and new ones)" sprechen wird. In unserem englischsprachigen Interview verrät er uns bereits vorab, was hinter den „Underground Apps" steckt und was andere Branchen in Sachen Monetarisierung von der Gamesbranche lernen können.


Mr. Lievano, Amazon is well known for shopping and has recently invested in critically acclaimed original series like “Transparent”. Is it therefore difficult to gain attention on Amazon’s app and game offerings?
As you mention, Amazon is well known for shopping, making a broad selection of products available to customers globally; everything from A to Z. Moreover, Apps and Games is one of the distinctive departments that customers can shop when visiting Amazon in their mobiles or on the web. If anything, the success from Amazon on other departments drives additional traffic to the apps and games being offered through Amazon.
With Underground Apps”, Amazon has recently started a service with 100% free apps. But where is the benefit for Amazon then?
We always want to give our users the best possible shopping experience at Amazon so our most important benefit by inventing “Amazon Underground” is customer satisfaction. Our customers told us that it is very difficult to discover good apps and games which are worth their money based on individual likes. With “Amazon Underground” we are now offering everyone a great place where you can try tons of apps without spending a single cent or need to be worried about in-app purchases.

Especially the games industry is testing a lot of ways in order to monetize content. From your point of view: Which are the most promising for the industry and the app stores?
From my point of view, a monetization model is promising only if it fits the game mechanics and design. As such, more opportunities to monetize ensure more diversity in the games that will continue to be released. I’m excited about Amazon Underground in particular, because it incentivizes game content that is engaging, by paying developers for each minute that all of their players use their app or game. This allows developers to focus on the customer experience. It will benefit customers, so it aligns well with Amazon’s objectives.

What can journalists, producers etc. learn from apps and games in order to monetize their content?
More than learn, content creators need to continue experimenting with business models, the way that apps and games have. Our connected world is bringing audiences closer to them, so it’s becoming increasingly easier to deliver content in the form that makes more sense for each piece of it. Media, formats, and the business models around them are continuously multiplying, so content creators are getting more options to deliver their message. Be welcoming of this diversity; it is a world of opportunity.

We can see that a lot of content is nowadays often taking place in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Do you see this as a threat to traditional app stores?
Social networks are one of the channels people use to communicate and interact with each other. As such, they represent an opportunity to all businesses, not just app stores, to increase their reach by joining those conversations and interactions. For example, product detail pages in Amazon include buttons to share our offering through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Customers can start their shopping at Amazon, and then continue their decision-making process where their friends are. They’re using a new channel, while in essence it is the way most of us have been shopping for decades.

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