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Ideal conditions

A strong, diversified economic structure and a vibrant start-up ecosystem provide a solid basis for successfully implementing ideas. According to the KfW Start-up Monitor 2015, Hamburg has the second highest start-up rate in Germany, with an average start-up rate of 2.36 percent (share of new entrepreneurs as a proportion of the population aged 18 to 64).
Many start-ups from Hamburg have long since become international players, among them InnoGames, Bigpoint, Facelift, Goodgame Studios, Jimdo, myTaxi and Xing. Start-ups such as Dreamlines, Kreditech, Protonet, Stuffle and Sonormed continue this success story. It is certainly no coincidence that leading internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite and Yelp decided to choose Hamburg as the location for their German headquarters.

Auswahl innovativer Gründungen und Geschäftsmodelle aus Hamburg.

Strong networks in Hamburg

Hamburg offers a wide range of professional networks in the media and digital industries, among them the Digital Media Women network, the Hamburg@work association, the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft and the HamburgStartups network.
Hamburg is also home to a variety of events, where founders can meet and connect with other start-ups, investors and potential partners or clients. In addition to events organised by nextMedia.Hamburg – e.g. the Webfuture Award, the scoopcamp, the Gamecity Treffs and the newTV-Kongress – there are numerous other platforms offering networking opportunities to entrepreneurs, among them the Echtzeit Hamburg, the Hamburg Startups Mixer, the Open Coffee Club, the eBizz Talk,, the Social Media Week and the Startup Weekend.


Figures from recent surveys confirm that Hamburg is a popular location for founders.

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Other networking events for start-up businesses include e.g. the Neumacher-Konferenz, the Reeperbahn Festival, the Web Summit and the Hamburg Interactive Day at the SWSX in Austin/Texas, all of which provide new enterprises with the opportunity to present themselves to national and international audiences.

Getting started

nextMedia.Hamburg is the first port of call for all questions regarding starting up a digital business by offering swift help without any red tape involved. It provides new enterprises with initial guidance and advises them on all topics concerning founding a business as well as networking with public and private institutions.

There are several other institutions that advise and support entrepreneurs during the planning and start-up phases, among them the Hamburger Existenzgründungsinitiative (H.E.I.), the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce’s Gründerzentrum, and the Hamburger Existenzgründungs Programm (hep).
The GründungsService of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the Startup Dock at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUUH) help create ideal conditions for founders from the higher education sector.

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