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Workshops by betahaus | Academy & nextMedia.Hamburg

nextMedia.Hamburg offers a workshop programme in collaboration with the betahaus Hamburg. In terms of content, workshop sessions address topical issues from the entrepreneurial scene.

In order to master the challenges of the early stages in particular – i.e. from concept development to financing, – founders require the right team, a high degree of motivation, and relevant expertise. In collaboration with nextMedia.Hamburg, the betahaus Hamburg has therefore designed a workshop programme that addresses the most important topics with regard to the early stage. The programme comprises ten sessions and places an emphasis on entrepreneurial issues and modern approaches to learning – i.e. “lean start-up” instead of text books, and interaction instead of endless PowerPoint slides.

The next appointments (german only):

  • April 26th: PR & Communications
  • May 29th: project management & Scrum
  • June 27th: Bildrechte (Image Rights)
  • July 17th: Social Media Advertising
  • September 14th: Internationalisation

Further Infusions in the making...

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