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Here we publish papers and reports on major industry trends. And you can find more insights in our blog or if you follow us under #dasmitmedien on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or XING.


Case Studies

We prepare the most important results from our programs for you so that our entire community can participate.

How AI and XR are changing the media products of tomorrow

How are innovative technologies changing the future of media? In the Prototyping Lab we have already designed six exciting cases with SPIEGEL, N-JOY & Co. Learn more about VR storytelling or the Music Prediction Machine and the entire interdisciplinary innovation process behind the development of prototypes.
(Available in German only)

White Paper

We regularly examine current topics and problems in the media industry, present solutions and case studies, and share the most important findings with you.

Artificial Storytelling - The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Journalism

How does Artificial Storytelling, i.e. automated storytelling, transform journalistic content production? How does using new, intelligent technologies affect the work of media professionals today and in the future? In our white paper, we take a closer look at how Artificial Intelligence can be applied to produce journalistic content and explore what opportunities but also challenges this involves.
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nextMedia.BestCases 2019

Blockchain in the Content Industry

It’s hard to find a recent topic in the tech industry that has caused as big of a gap between hype and disappointment as did blockchain. But between “technology revolution” and “crypto crash” many exciting projects have developed which could soon lead to lasting changes in the content industry. In our BestCases, we present eight fascinating business ideas and innovative projects to you.
(Available in German only)

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Media Worker Report 2018

Whether in traditional professions in the media industry, as journalists in large publishing houses, as creative professionals in advertising agencies, as content experts in the digital economy, or even in companies that are considered as outside the industry: Media workers are the answer to the challenges of today’s media landscape and the drivers of its future development. They are rethinking long-established technologies, business models, ways of working and thinking, skills, and above all content.

Together with Deloitte and XING, nextMedia.Hamburg for the  second time interviewed German media workers in 2018 about current and future topics in the media and digital industry.
(Available in German only)

Developments so far

We have been keeping an eye on media innovations in the Hamburg ecosystem and beyond for quite some time. You can find our previous reports and studies here (Available in German only):

Zwei Tage Sparring in exklusiver Runde für die Contentbranche
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