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We regularly examine current topics and problems in the media industry, present solutions and case studies and share the most important learnings with you.

Artificial Storytelling - The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Journalism

How does Artificial Storytelling, i.e. automated storytelling, the journalistic content production? How does the use of new, intelligent technologies affect the work of media professionals in the present and future? In our white paper we take a look the fields of application for Artificial Intelligence in the production of journalistic content and explore opportunities but also hurdles.
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nextMedia.BestCases 2019

Blockchain in Content Industry

Hardly any topic has recently caused such a pronounced gap between hype and disappointment in the tech scene as the blockchain. But between “technology revolution” and “crypto-crash” many exciting projects have grown in the meantime, which could soon provide for lasting changes in the content industry. We present you with eight fascinating business ideas and innovative projects in our BestCases.
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Media Worker Report 2018

Whether in traditional professions in the media industry, as journalists in large publishing houses, as creative professionals in advertising agencies and as content experts in the digital economy or even in companies that are supposedly outside the industry, media workers are the answer to the challenges of today’s media landscape and the drivers of its future development. They rethink proven technologies, business models, ways of working and thinking, skills and above all content over decades.

Together with Deloitte and XING, nextMedia.Hamburg interviewed media workers in Germany in 2018 for the second time about current and future topics in the media and digital industry.
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