Prototyping Lab

How are innovative technologies changing the future of media? We look for answers to these and similar questions in the Prototyping Lab and have companies willing to experiment develop testable prototypes with talented students from Hamburg universities in just one semester. Keeping pace with the times, the teams in the lab work on technological challenges and are supported by renowned industry experts.

You missed our VR Prototyping Lab in 2018? Here’s a recap:

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Planning for the Prototyping Lab 2019 is ongoing. This years focus will be on XR (Mixed Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

We are currently looking for media companies, that would like to partner in this year’s lab. Care to join us? Click here!

Not parttaking as a company but would like to individually? Become a mentor. Click here!

Phase 1


Prototyping Lab 2019

The media industry is constantly changing, with technologies playing a major role. With the lab, our aim is to offer companies and talented students the opportunity to continuously shape and freely experiment with the digital future.

What technologies are relevant to you? VR/AR, Voice Assistant, AI? You help shape the direction of the lab.

Submit your proposal until 31/3/19.

Phase 2 - Right now


We are looking for organisations or individuals with expertise in technology who would like to serve as mentors and design and oversee the project with us. Interested? Contact us until 30/5/19.

Phase 3


As a media or digital company based in Hamburg, you have the opportunity to participate in the Prototyping Lab and have your own case created. The aim of the lab is to experiment with product and business ideas of the future through fresh perspectives offered by talented students. For further details contact us until 31/7/19.
  • Testable prototype
  • Contact to talented students
  • Employer branding
  • Knowledge transfer, new perspectives as well as agile working methods outside traditional structures
  • High media and event presence
  • Integration into a highly innovative community
Phase 4


You have the unique opportunity to experiment, develop ideas and build a prototype in cooperation with mentors and innovative companies. The lab will take place in the 2019/2020 winter semester. Apply now unttil 1/9/19.
  • Certified practical project (UHH Hamburg & HAW Hamburg
  • Grant
  • Personal contact to well-known companies
  • Knowledge and know-how
  • References
Phase 5


Prototyping Lab gets underway

Students met their contact persons from the companies where they discussed initial project ideas and formed project teams.

How do new technologies change access to content? What new formats can emerge and how can you earn money with them? These answers will be pursued by the project teams from October through the end of January 2020.

Phase 6


Time to get started!

Once the teams found each other at the kick-off bar camp and initial ideas had been developed, the next step was to develop prototypes. We are curious and will keep you posted.
Phase 7


We’re excited – In January 2020 we will be able to see the final Prototypes.

In January 2020, the teams at the wrap-up show what they have done in the prototyping lab over the past three months.

You can be there as a guest, there are a limited number of seats. We look forward to seeing and hopefully inspiring you to partake in future Prototyping Labs – since after the Lab is before the Lab!

Register until 10/1/20.


Prototyping Lab 2020

What’s next? Prepare for Prototyping Lab 2020 which starts in the summer semester with a new topic for new challenges.

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