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Hamburg is not only a hotspot for the development of computer games, but also for numerous vocational schools and universities that offer courses specifically for future professionals in the games industry. For students and career starters, the exchange with experts in the games industry is essential in order to know the requirements in the individual disciplines and to prepare for them. To intensify this exchange, Gamecity Hamburg offers the new event Format.

After the first event of Game Starter focusing on Game Design it is now time to continue with the second installment. Three experienced game artists will report on their careers, their jobs and answer the participants‘ questions. They will talk about the everyday challenges in professional art production for games and establishing a coherent art style, about their experiences in the games industry and the things our experts would have liked to know at the beginning of their career.

Our three industry experts are:

  • Stefan Wacker – Lead & Senior 3D Artist at Deep Silver Fishlabs
  • Denice Wagner – 3D Artist at Tivola
  • Sören Meding – Illustrator and Concept Artist, Freelancer

The event is free of charge and is organized as a moderated video conference via Zoom. The moderation is done by Dennis Schoubye, Project Lead Gamecity Hamburg. Participants can ask their questions via text or voice chat and only need a device that can play the video chat and a stable internet connection. No webcam or microphone is required.


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