HHai - Künstliche Intelligenz und kreative Arbeit

21Mrz.Ganztägig22Hybrides EventHHai - Künstliche Intelligenz und kreative Arbeit


Today, powerful tools in combination with commercially available smartphones enable amateurs to create astonishingly high-quality content, which is then automatically and optimized on platforms with the help of algorithms. In this emerging creator economy, qualified creatives must redefine their place. With local experts from Hamburg and international speakers from China, the USA, Portugal and Austria, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the world of AI at the intersection of creativity on March 21 and 22. In the hybrid Meetup, digital lectures or free, practice-oriented workshops, panel discussions and get-togethers at the Design Zentrum Hamburg will offer you a varied program.

A confusing acceleration of creativity is leading to a redefinition of what creativity actually is and by which entities creative work is produced. In the past, it was product designers and fashion designers, composers and copywriters, photographers and video producers, architects and graphic and UX designers who created forms and things – in other words, trained creatives. In the very near future, intelligent machines will play a more important role.

HHai is organized by the Design Zentrum Hamburg, the Department Design of HAW-Hamburg and is part of the research project aiXdesign.space.

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März 21 (Montag) - 22 (Dienstag)


Design Zentrum Hamburg