NFTS Beyond Art: Community Building Inside the Metaverse

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In the 2nd installment of our NFT series, we’re exploring the non-fungible phenomenon as tokens become THE tool for community-building.

NFTs are becoming bigger than art. Case in point: fish at the SF aquarium? Yep, they’re NFTs now. What’s Universal Music Group up to? Oh, they just teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club to launch Kingship, the first ever NFT band to host activations & experiences in the metaverse. Companies are quickly exploring ways to introduce NFTs as access tokens to virtual community experiences, and it’s only going to get weirder from here. 

What were once collectibles, limited edition merch, and indie kickstarter projects are all becoming NFTs, creating communities of superfans eager to support their favorite creators and own equity in their projects. Tune in as experts tell us what the future holds for this new tier of crypto-community, engagement, and fandom.

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