25Sept.GanztägigHamburg's Innovation Conference for the Mediascoopcamp


At Hamburg’s Innovation Conference for the Media, experts, decision-makers and innovators discuss the present and future of the (Hamburg) media landscape.

Which innovations do media need to be as relevant tomorrow as they are today? What future developments in the media world in general and in journalism in particular, should we pay attention to now? Once per year the scoopcamp offers the space to find answers to such and similar questions. In cooperation with the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), the media conference gives more than 250 players from the IT and media industry the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary exchange. Current topics at the interface between editing, programming and/or product development are discussed and negotiated in keynotes, workshops and panels.

Our mission is to follow the digital transformation of Hamburg’s media landscape and to drive innovation forward. The scoopcamp supports this project through knowledge transfer on related topics, practice-relevant insights and community building/networking so that the location will continue to benefit from media diversity in the future.

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Ganztägig (Mittwoch)


Theater Kehrwieder

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