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November 30, 2022

1 evening, 1 topic and 30 innovative media makers

How often do you succeed in overcoming industry boundaries and creating concrete added value from it? With nextMedia.Sessions, we do just that. We bring you together with other media makers to discuss current topics in the media and digital industry. After receiving an input from a speaker, we discuss together in cross-industry groups what the future of the content industry has in store for us.

Media trends for 2023

How often do you really succeed in overcoming supposed industry boundaries and deriving concrete added value from them? With nextMedia.Sessions, we do just that and bring you together to discuss current topics in the media and digital industries. In the last issue of this year, we asked ourselves: What’s next? One day before the publication of our annual predictions, we took an exclusive look with you at the media trends for 2023.

Click here to read our predictions for 2023.

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Woundioun Sissoko

yamuntu CEO

Social Commerce

Dajana Eder

wom3n.DAO founder





20. April 2022, 17-19 Uhr, DIGITAL

Creator Economy

Welche Potenziale ergeben sich für die Contentbranche?

„Der Hype um die Creator Economy ist gerechtfertigt!“, so drückt es Martin Fehrensen in unseren diesjährigen Predictions aus. Er ist mit dem Social Media Watchblog gleichzeitig Vertreter und Beobachter dieses Phänomens. Und tatsächlich zeigen aktuelle Hamburger Beispiele, wie das Start-Up „Streamblast” oder die Ausgründung „JvM/CREATORS”, welch enormes Tempo der Creator Kosmos aufnimmt. Anlass genug, um in unserer fünften Ausgabe diese Trendwende aus verschiedenen Perspektiven zu beleuchten.

Welchen Tools und alternativen Einkommensquellen bedienen sich Allround-Creator wie Fynn Kliemann, um ihre Inhalte zu monetarisieren? Wie schaffen es Einzelpersonen, eine loyale Fanbase über verschiedene Channels aufzubauen und Super-Fans bei sich fest zu verankern? Was bedeutet die Creator Economy für die Contentbranche? Welche Mechaniken lassen sich übertragen und wo lassen sich Aspekte zusammen denken? Nach einem einführenden Impuls und einem Blick auf konkrete Cases, bringen wir 30 Expert*innen über die Potenziale der Creator Economy in den Austausch. 

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Get together x Think Tank

Get together, inspire each other and work on the future – in a two-hour session we use the full potential of Hamburg’s networked content industry.


The evening starts with input from an industry expert

Working Session

Concentrated power: In breakout sessions we develop concrete approaches and solutions

Idea pitches

Where do we stand?
Where do we go from here?

Get together

At the end: networking and ideas discussions


The future of media is diverse and digital. Whether podcast boom, application potential of new technologies or innovative revenue models – the industry is on the move. What are the latest trends? Where is it worth diving deeper? At nextMedia.Sessions we work out questions on current topics. Do you have topics on your mind that you would like to work on together with the experts of our network? Let us know!


#7 Media trends for 2023

In the last edition of 2022, we asked ourselves: What’s next? One day before the release of our annual predictions, we looked at the media trends for 2023. Exciting insights were shared by Woundioun Sissoko from yamuntu, Neil Heinisch from PlayTheHype and Dajana Eder from wom3n.DAO.

MOIN Filmförderung

#6 Synthetic Media

Are synthetic media our future? We discussed this at the 6th edition of the session. Tatjana Anisimov from RTL Germany and Pascal Schröder from Gipfelstürmer Film gave interesting talks with concrete use cases. The session was held in cooperation with MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

Brand eins_weiß_3-2

#5 Creator Economy

“The hype around the Creator Economy is justified!” – After keynote speeches by Martin Fehrensen and Sven Oechler and a look at concrete cases, the participants discussed the potential of the Creator Economy for the content industry. The session was held in cooperation with brand eins.

nextRealityHamburg Logo

#4 Beyond Content

The next “big thing” on the horizon could be an entire universe: The metaverse is one of the most discussed digital topics of 2021! In cooperation with nextReality.Hamburg and with keynote speeches by Prof. Dr. Frank Steinicke and Thomas Johann Lorenz, the participants worked out what a future in the metaverse could look like.

Unikart Logo

#3 Beyond the Hype

What can be on a Blockchain, will be on a Blockchain – the potential of new, decentralized technologies goes far beyond the current hype around NFTs. Together with Amke Block from UN1K.ART, blockchain experts from media and digital companies have worked out the potential of blockchain and NFTs for digital content and its exploitation.

Brand eins Logo

#2 Beyond Memberships

“People need communities” – With Andreas Spiegler from brand eins and 30 other community experts, we explored the question of how media brands can shape communities and what added value can be derived from them. You can read Andreas’ enlightening talk on the topic here.

Stereotype Media Logo

#1 Beyond Podcasts

Audio strategies as a must-have for 2021? In our first session, together with Tolgay Azman from Stereotype Media, we looked at the future of the audio market. 30 audio experts put their heads together virtually and discussed innovation potentials for media companies.

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nextMedia.Sessions thrives on exchange, commitment and the conviction that innovations are best created in an open network. That’s why we’re looking for experts with an inspiring impulse on the one hand, and motivated media makers who can use their expertise to cooperatively develop new ideas for solutions on the other.

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As Community and Event Manager, Rouven is the contact person for the event area. He oversees nextMedia.Events such as the nextMedia.Sessions, event cooperations, the scoopcamp and the event community. He studied social economics with a focus on market-oriented management at the University of Hamburg and worked part-time in the music and audio sector. Most recently, he was involved in the business development of a multimedia project in the children and family sector and is also active as a musician in Hamburg.

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