Scout & Match

We match international start-ups with Hamburg media companies.

In the program Scout & Match, we identify the needs of companies in the content and tech industry and match them with suitable start-ups. This way, companies can experiment with technologies and shape new business areas with a low cost and resource expenditure.

We are convinced that start-ups are an important part in business development and innovation management. Since media companies often have hardly any resources for the increasingly demanding start-up market, we want to provide support. With Scout & Match, we offer the opportunity for companies to work with start-ups that have been selected according to their needs and that were checked for quality. This makes it possible to get started using future technologies and new business fields – without any pre-financial commitment.


Our new program Scout & Match has started.

You want to participate with your start-up or your company? Get in touch with us!


In the first step, we are building a start-up map for the areas of need for Hamburg companies in content and tech industry.

Therefore, we systematically record the needs of the companies, including for the areas of problem solving and business expansion, at our kick-off event.

Based on the needs, we scout start-ups worldwide using suitable tools and our network and visiting events. Only start-ups that meet the previously defined requirements and criteria of the companies are included in the scouting.

We summarize the results of the scouting in a publicly available start-up map.


Based on the start-up map, Hamburg companies select the start-ups that are most exciting for them. These approximately five start-ups are invited to our start-up residency in Hamburg.

The start-up residency includes co-working spaces in our new innovation space, a financial component and active networking with relevant partners from our network for further collaboration.

On Matchday, the companies and start-ups are able to network with methodical guidance. In doing so, they clarify the requirements and expectations for the collaboration during the start-up residency.

The aim is to collaborate beyond the residency. For this, nextMedia.Hamburg supports with a network, search for a space and funding advice.


Partner companies

Timeline 2023

February 9

Kick-off Workshop

In a workshop with the companies, we systematically go through their needs for the areas of problem solving and business expansion as well as the prerequisites and opportunities for cooperation with the start-ups.

February 9

February - September


In this phase, we scout international start-ups in the defined fields and check whether they meet the companies’ criteria.

February - September

until October

Start-up Map Release

We publish a start-up map that lists all the startups we’ve scouted.

until October

September - October

Start-up Residency Aquisition

The companies select start-ups from our start-up map for cooperation. The most promising five start-ups will be invited to Hamburg in the weeks from November 7 to 21, 2023 and prepared by us for the challenges of the industry.

September - October

November 7


On Matchday, the companies are methodically guided to network with the start-ups in order to subsequently define requirements and expectations for the collaboration.

November 7

November 7 to 21

Start-up Residency

During the start-up residency, the start-ups and companies work together. We provide facilitators if needed. 

November 7 to 21


The participating companies are part of our partner network. In this year’s round of Scout & Match, mainly publishers are participating so that we have a clear focus in the scouting process.

If you would like your company to participate in Scout & Match this year or next year, please contact our program manager Bruno.

The participating start-ups are actively scouted and selected by us if they meet the criteria that we have previously defined with the companies.

If you are interested in participating in Scout & Match with your start-up, you can contact our program manager Bruno. We will let you know in September at the latest whether your start-up has been selected for the residency.

During the start-up residency, the start-ups work together with the companies, supported by a facilitator if needed. The start-ups receive co-working spaces in our Innovation Space, financial support and access to our network.

In the program, companies can experiment cost-effectively with new technologies and reduce the time to market by using existing technologies. In addition, new business areas can be identified and shaped.

With Scout & Match, there are no fixed fund structures or a limited selection of start-ups during the scouting process. We offer a needs-based search with no financial commitment. During the start-up residency, companies have the opportunity to partner with five selected startups for beta testing or immediately take a step further into M&A or Media for Equity.

Scout & Match offers both start-ups and companies the opportunity to expand their networks.

In over four years of incubator experience, we have gained expertise in selecting and matching start-ups to companies. We have learned a lot from failed attempts in the start-up industry and can draw on experience from global juries and committees.

Start-ups are able to actively work together with companies at Scout & Match. In addition, they gain publicity via the public map. Furthermore, start-ups are supported communicatively by nextMedia during the residency and receive needs-based networking with well-known partners for joint use cases.

The program offers start-ups co-working spaces in Hamburg, the most beautiful city in the world. In addition, they receive financial support and access to the start-up ecosystem in Hamburg during the residency.


As program manager, Bruno is the contact person for the incubator Media Lift, Scout & Match, the Workspace Funding and the Journalism Camp. He studied political science and cultural studies in Leipzig as well as management, organization and culture at the University of St. Gallen. During his studies, he gained experience in public relations and marketing at a PR agency, Finanztip and the Executive School St. Gallen. After working for SAP and a digital agency, he most recently worked as an innovation scout for a Hamburg-based science platform.

Bruno Marks

Program manager
T +49 40 / 23 72 435 67