Innovator Circle

Two days of exclusive sparring for the content industry

We bring innovation drivers into a trusting exchange, offer inspiring impulses and a framework for individual development.

At our Innovator Circle, you can make relevant contacts, gather lots of ideas for new business models and products, and get practical suggestions on how to successfully position yourself and your company for the future of the content economy.

Together with experts, we will prepare you for the current challenges of the content industry: What can content companies and the creator economy learn from each other? How can sustainable revenues be generated with digital products and services? How personalized and interactive does content have to be to turn users into enthusiastic fans? And much more.

The first edition with the topic of “Rethinking the Content Economy” will take place from March 24-25, 2022 – register now and save one of the limited places!

24.-25. March 2022

Alte Kleiderkasse in Hamburg-Altona

Innovation drivers from the content industry

Normal price:
850 € 
Reduced (For small businesses):
350 € 

The whole program will be run in German.

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Register now until March 12.

* All prices are gross (incl. VAT). Please contact us for the conditions of the reduced price.

* All prices are gross (incl. VAT). The Early Bird price is valid until 31.01.2022, after that the normal price is 850 €. Please contact us for the conditions of the reduced price.

Rethinking the Content Economy

Whether publisher, TV station, or digital agency – they all face the challenge of how to turn users into loyal fans and refinance digital content. In the first Innovator Circle, we will work with you to find new answers to your current challenges. We will look at this topic from different perspectives:

Die fünf Themenbereiche des Innovator Circles: Business, Brands, Audience, Culture und Storytelling

How can we experiment with different revenue models? What alternatives are there to subscriptions and advertising? How can I integrate new sustainable revenue pillars? What potential lies in the use of cross-media platforms?

What can content companies and the creator economy learn from each other? How can I best position myself as a content brand in global competition? What potential do platforms like TikTok, games like Fortnite or the sandbox metaverse offer?

What channels and approaches are needed to turn users into dedicated fans? How and what data can help me learn more about my users? What opportunities are there in the Creator Economy for working with my audience?


How must the environment in the company be designed in order to successfully implement innovations? Which New Work methods have proven themselves in which context? How should organizations be structured in order to be able to react agilely and dynamically to changes?

Cross-media, interactive and immersive – what opportunities do developments like the metaverse offer? How can I develop formats for GenZ that are tailored to the target group? How can I prepare content for different platforms and uses as simply and precisely as possible?

For the Innovator Circle, we have only selected experts who have both practical experience in the content industry and are willing to give feedback on your challenges as sparring partners. Learn more about their background here. The overview will be updated continuously.


Experts & Coaches

For the Innovator Circle, we have only selected experts who have both their own practical experience in the content industry and are willing to give feedback on your challenges as sparring partners. Learn more about their background here. The overview will be updated continuously.

Neben unseren Expert*innen werden euch Coaches während des gesamten Circle begleiten und anleiten, damit ihr die Zeit bestmöglich und selbstwirksam für euch nutzen könnt. Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit:


Concept & Schedule

Wir bringen dich mit anderen Innovationstreibenden aus den Bereichen Publishing, Vermarktung, Games, Bewegtbild, Audio, Tech in einem kompakten Rahmen zum vertrauensvollen Austausch, zu inspirierenden Impulsen sowie zur individuellen Weiterentwicklung zusammen.

This is what the Innovator Circle offers:

Two days in an inspiring place and safe space where you can talk openly about your current challenges and expand your network with new, relevant contacts.

In peer sparrings, you exchange ideas about your challenges, give each other feedback, and learn new perspectives.

Cross-industry matchmaking, small groups (Circles) and professional moderation enable effective and trusting collaboration at eye level.

In interactive formats, renowned industry experts share exclusive insights and their hands-on experiences. In subsequent sparring sessions, they will provide you with concrete support for your questions and challenges.

To get in the mood, you will meet all the other participants at the Apéro Warm-up on Wednesday, March 23, 5-7 pm, in the Überquell BrewPub. On March 24 and 25, you can expect an intensive and varied program of Circle sparrings, Ignite Talks, expert sparrings, reflection and much more. With a digital follow-up in your Circle one month later, you can share what you’ve learned and how you’ve applied it in practice.

Details on the schedule and program of the Innovator Circle can be found here (preliminary planning, as of January 2022):

For whom?

These innovation drivers are on board:

The Innovator Circle is aimed at innovation drivers from various submarkets of the content industry – including publishing, marketing/agencies, games, moving images, audio and tech. Whether you are a COO, founder, business developer, product manager or marketing specialist – the main thing is that you are involved with innovation in your role. Through matchmaking, we also ensure that you meet people with whom you can exchange ideas at eye level.

Get to know participants who have already registered for the next edition: 

"As a young, growing company, how do you manage the multiple tasks and challenges in such a way that neither creativity nor innovation suffer - despite hectic day-to-day business and a lack of resources?"

Charlotte Richter-Kiewning

Founder and Managing Director, The Distriqt

"For a culture of innovation that puts emotions and needs above features. Whether in artificial intelligence or in VR/AR."

Felix Burger

Creative Innovation Director, Jung von Matt

"For true innovation, you need constant new impulses. Preferably from smart people outside your own bubble. From the Innovator Circle, I hope for an inspiring exchange with creative minds that helps me take a different look at current issues. Or even to ask completely new questions..."

Colin Hauer

Lead Strategic Projects Marketing Labs, Universal Music


The Innovator Circle is aimed at employees in content companies (e.g. publishing, marketing, audio, moving image, games, tech) who see themselves as innovation drivers in their company and feel the need to exchange ideas with others in a similar role about current challenges.

All company sizes are welcome, from start-ups to corporates, and your job title or department is irrelevant. The most important thing: Bring an open mindset and the willingness to talk about your current challenges in your Circle and at the same time give the others constructive feedback on their topics.

As an innovative employee, you are indispensable for the future of your company. To help you become even more effective in your work, we have developed the Innovator Circle based on intensive feedback discussions with the industry. The special feature of the concept is the mix of 

  • trustworthy sparring in your Circle with new, valuable perspectives
  • concrete implementation tips and insights from our experts
  • The exchange with 20-25 innovation drivers from the content industry, which also results in potential cooperations for your company.

We have summarized the most important facts for you and your boss in this factsheet.

Take enough time (approx. 15-20 min) to fill out the registration form carefully. Since you cannot save the form temporarily, we recommend that you first look at it completely or use the PDF template as a guide. After submitting the form, you will receive a registration confirmation from us. If you have any questions, we will contact you again.

Should the unexpected case occur (which we currently do not expect) that we cannot match you with a suitable Circle, we will contact you after the registration deadline on March 12 regarding a cancellation free of charge. After all, participation only makes sense for you if you get something out of the sparring.

A Circle is a fixed small group of 4-6 participants who come together in sparring sessions over the two days. The goal is to give each other feedback, learn from each other’s experiences and take away concrete approaches for their own work. These sessions are moderated by experienced coaches.

The highlight: We take care of the matchmaking of the Circles and thus ensure that you can work together with people from other submarkets who meet you at eye level, have similar challenges and yet bring in completely different perspectives.
You will receive a list of all participants one week before the Innovator Circle, so that you can already get an idea of which innovation drivers and companies are on board. You’ll find out who you’ll end up in a Circle with at the Apéro Warmup – a little suspense is a must. 

After the inspiring Ignite Talks, all experts of the respective day will take an hour in parallel to give the participants concrete tips on their challenges or to answer their questions. The whole thing takes place as a World Café, i.e. you rotate between three different experts during this time – you decide with whom you would like to engage in a more intensive exchange.

In the registration form, we ask you about specific challenges or topics that are currently on your mind. This can be a current project (e.g. the development of a new product), but also structural challenges such as agile working methods or stakeholder management, as well as specific questions on general topics (e.g. How do I address the target group of Gen Z? Which business models work particularly well for you? What potential do you see in the topic of blockchain?). You are also welcome to bring in different challenges – especially if it is thematically appropriate in your Circle.

What we won’t be doing: Further develop a concrete concept – the implementation of the learnings is your homework for afterwards.

As a public funding institution, we want to give everyone the chance to participate in the Innovator Circle – especially startups and small companies, for whom expensive training or conferences are often a major challenge. The reduced price of €350 gross therefore applies to all companies that are less than three years old or have fewer than 25 employees.

The Innovator Circle will take place in presence in the Alte Kleiderkasse in Hamburg-Altona. For the Apéro on 23.03. we will meet at the ÜberQuell BrewPub. After two years mainly in home office, we think it needs a change of scenery for new spirit and the personal exchange to get into conversation with new people in a trusting way.

Of course, we will take into account the current Corona regulations and rely on a high security standard with 2G+. If it is not possible to hold the event in person in March, we will offer an alternative date. In our view, a shift to digital would not bring the desired added value.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time to arrange a non-binding meeting with us .

Otherwise – time to sign up for the Innovator Circle:


Cigdem is the contact person for corporates at nextMedia.Hamburg. As program manager, she is responsible for the Innovator Circle, Content Foresight and the Advisory Board. A media businesswoman by training, she studied publishing at HTWK Leipzig and book studies at the University of Mainz. After working for DIE ZEIT, Bookwire and Holtzbrinck ePublishing, she was most recently Manager Strategy & Innovation at the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e. V. (German Publishers & Booksellers Association).

Cigdem Boom-Aker