Media Lift – Batch 5

Content & Tech Incubator: Turning ideas into innovation

We support your innovative business ideas in the area of content with technology. Whether you are a student, founder or employee of a large media and digital company, whether you’re working on your own or as a team – we’ll take your idea to the next level.

The best part: Media Lift is an early-stage ideation program. We support you in developing your innovative prototypes further and make them ready for business together with you. Your prototypes are yours! After Media Lift, you are free to roll out your project as a start-up, develop it further with our partners from the Hamburg start-up ecosystem, or integrate it into your company – without having to give up any shares.


The teams are now in phase 3 of Batch 5.

You want to participate in Batch 6? We will inform you about the application start.

June – October 2023

Remote and in Hamburg

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Media Lift is held in German or English, depending on the teams. Please check our German page for more information.

The teams from batch 5


Anymate Me

Julia Leduc and Kay Law have created Anymate Me, a solution that automates the production of videos - presented by an AI-based, lifelike avatar that is designed to make it easier for users to operate.



Penemue's AI solution detects hate speech in 89 different languages and enables individuals to navigate safely in the digital space. In addition, community management can be automated to a large extent via Penemue.



With oneGuide, city trips become more entertaining, informative and accessible. Wiebke Nadzeika and Marlon Lückert have developed an app in which sights are provided with additional information from audio content and augmented reality.


The team at has developed a platform that uses blockchain to record creative exchanges and intellectual property rights in an immutable history, securing them against theft or unauthorized use.



The team of Lars Leipson and Sebastian Hermanns has developed an AI-powered data platform that makes international literary data accessible to distributors, authors, publishers, and agents to identify drivers of success.

What we offer

Material and financial resources

  • Financial support of up to €15,000 per team
  • 1,000 € individual coaching budget for the Media Lift coaching pool
  • Workplaces from August 2023 and tools for (digital) collaboration


  • Methodological, technical and market knowledge
  • Personal coaching & teambuilding
  • Pitch training, product field workshops and testing


  • a team mentor
  • Contact to our mentor network
  • Access to follow-up programs of our partners


  • Editorial coverage
  • Participation in events
  • Presentation at our big graduation pitch

Who can apply for Media Lift

We are looking for innovative solutions, business models or technologies that will move the content industry forward. The thematic focus of our incubator is on #MediaTech developments. These include:

#Creative AI  
#Content Creation 
#Digital Journalism
#Digital Publishing  
#Digital Payment 
#Data & Analytics  
#Data Driven Publishing
#E-Commerce​ for media companies 
#VR #AR #XR 

We are looking for teams that already have a first digital prototype that revolves around one of the topics mentioned and can thus show us that they not only have an idea, but can actually build a product.

We are looking for teams that are in the pre-foundation or early stage. There must be at least two of you and you should not have more than five team members. You don’t have to be from Hamburg, but there will be some face-to-face meetings, where in the best case your whole team can participate. #commitment


Ruth Betz

Ruth Betz

Mirja Meyer

Karsten Schwaiger

Colin Hauer_Fotocredit Stefan-Trocha-Photography

Colin Hauer

Kemal Görgülü

Kemal Görgülü

Ruth Betz

Blue Engine Collaborative

Mirja Meyer

Jung von Matt

Karsten Schwaiger

Amt Medien, BKM Hamburg

Colin Hauer

Hörbuch Hamburg

Kemal Görgülü


Die Teams aus Batch 3

Das waren unsere fünf Media Lift Teams aus dem vergangenen Batch. Sie haben ihre Ideen beim Graduation Pitch vorgestellt und arbeiten jetzt intensiv an ihren Start-ups weiter.

Mehr über die Teams der vergangenen Batches findest du hier.



Anywave ist ein Cloud-basiertes Online-Tool, das den Revisions-Prozess von Audiodateien wie Podcasts und Hörbüchern vereinfacht. Hinter der Idee stehen die Gründer der Podcast-Agentur One Pod Wonder.



ACTitude dient zur Prävention psychischer Erkrankungen. Auf der Basis wissenschaftlich fundierter Methoden helfen digitale Angebote den Nutzer*innen mit Krisen und Herausforderungen umzugehen.
Zur Website



Ourdio erleichtert die Produktion und den Vertrieb von Hörbüchern. Autoren können ihre Werke über Text-to-Speech-Verfahren automatisch vertonen und die fertigen Hörbücher direkt auf entsprechenden Plattformen hochladen lassen.
Zur Website


Zubik ist ein Marketing-Assistent für Start-ups. Mithilfe einer Künstlichen Intelligenz werden Business-Modelle analysiert und dazu passende individuelle Marketing-Aktivitäten vorgeschlagen.



Storydive ist die erste Plattform für interaktive und ortsunabhängige Audiowalks, eine Mischung aus Hörbuch und Spaziergang.
Zur Website

Mehr über die Teams der vergangenen Batches findest du hier


Anja Weddig
Jahreszeiten Verlag
Dr. Markus Dömer
Carlsen Verlag GmbH
Ulrike Dobelstein-Lüthe
Hamburg Media School
Lutz Leiding
The Trade Desk
Wibke Melanie Becker
Studio Hamburg Postproduction GmbH
Gregor Landwehr
Sophie Ohlsen
Nils Neumann
Hamburg Innovation - beyourpilot

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Unser Fahrplan

14.02. bis 20.03.2022


Eure innovativen Geschäftsideen sind gefragt! Bis zum 20.03. könnt ihr euch bei uns bewerben.

14.02. bis 20.03.2022

30.03. und 31.03.2022


Ihr wurdet in die nächste Runde des Auswahlverfahrens eingeladen? Nur noch eine Präsentation trennt euch vom Inkubator!

30.03. und 31.03.2022

26.04. bis 08.06.2022

Phase 1: Idee & Team

Mittels Coachings unterstützen wir euch bei  Team-Building und Ideenentwicklung.
26.04. bis 08.06.2022

09.06. bis 19.07.22

Phase 2: Prototyping

In Phase zwei des Programms geht es um Prototyping, Testing, Feedback – mithilfe der Coachings, diverser Idea Challenges und individueller Betreuung.

09.06. bis 19.07.22

8.08. bis 15.09.22

Phase 3: MVP

Neben Coachings zu den Themen Sales, Investment und HR geht es in der letzten Phase vor allem darum: Was kommt nach Media Lift?
8.08. bis 15.09.22


Graduation Pitch

Bereit durchzustarten? Der Abschlusspitch bietet die Gelegenheit, die Erfolge der Teams zu feiern, Ideen zu erkunden und sich über gemeinsame Potenziale auszutauschen.



Ideally, you are still in the pre-startup phase, i.e. you already have a solution approach and you have already developed a first prototype, but you are not yet ready for the market – because that is exactly where we want to take you together. If you have already completed an accelerator program, the incubator is probably not the right choice for you.

Your core team should consist of at least two, max. five people who have complementary expertise. Of course, we support diverse teams and are especially happy to welcome female entrepreneurs.

We plan the four-month program in a bi-weekly rhythm, i.e. in one week there are usually workshops, lectures and coaching sessions from Tuesday to Thursday, in the next week there are no appointments and you can flexibly arrange your time.

No. Your ideas belong to you! After the incubator, you can found your project freely, expand it further with our partners in Hamburg, or transfer it back to your company.

In our application form we ask for the most important information about your business idea and your team. In addition, please submit a pitch deck for a detailed presentation of your solution. We recommend that you have a consultation with our program manager Bruno before submitting your application.

Alumni Portfolio

Media Lift Batch 2 Musicube-Team

musicube: faster music search with AI

The start-up musicube offers music metadata and a music search engine. The data of over 48 million music tracks is determined using AI. musicube is part of the company Songtradr since June 2022.

Media Lift Batch 1 BotTalk Team

BotTalk makes content audible

BotTalk is a startup with expertise in text-to-speech. With their tool, publishers can bring their content to life via voice. Well-known publishers such as Hamburger Abendblatt are already using the tool.

Batch 1 Curvature Games

Curvature Games: Explore new worlds in VR Games

Curvature Games is a studio that develops VR games. They use VR as a medium for immersive storytelling. Their projects include the design of a hybrid museum experience.

Media Lift Team Storydive

Storydive: AR for your ears

Storydive’s audio walks combine audio books and walking tours. The special feature is that listeners become protagonists and can discover their surroundings in a new way. Numerous cities, such as Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, can already be experienced.


As program manager, Bruno is the contact person for the incubator Media Lift, Scout & Match, the Workspace Funding and the Journalism Camp. He studied political science and cultural studies in Leipzig as well as management, organization and culture at the University of St. Gallen. During his studies, he gained experience in public relations and marketing at a PR agency, Finanztip and the Executive School St. Gallen. After working for SAP and a digital agency, he most recently worked as an innovation scout for a Hamburg-based science platform.

Bruno Marks

Program Manager
T +49 40 / 23 72 435 67