Games Lift Insights: Basic Market Analysis for Indies

08Jul.16:0018:00Digitales EventGames Lift Insights: Basic Market Analysis for Indies


Join Gamecity’s Project Manager Maggie Schneider and Cassia Curran, Founder and Strategic Advisor at Curran Games Agency, for insights into the Games Lift Incubator program and a workshop about games market analysis for indies.

In 2020, Gamecity Hamburg first launched the Games Lift Incubator: Games Lift supports developer teams in creating and refining concepts for digital games. Up to five teams are supported per year. During a three months long intensive program, the teams receive financing of up to € 15,000, a workshop and mentoring program by experienced industry professionals as well as office desks in a co-working facility.

The application phase for Games Lift 2021 runs from Monday, June 21 to Monday, July26. This event provides insights into the Incubator program: Gamecity project manager Maggie Schneider will provide an overview of what Games Lift offers. In addition, we invited a speaker who will not only demonstrate what a workshop inside the Incubator program can look like, but will also give valuable insights in a topic that many teams struggle with in their application – and on their projects:

All too often, indie game developers spend months and years developing projects in game genres that have a poor track record of sales. Having an awareness of the market context is vital, and indie game consultant Cassia Curran will break down in easy-to-understand steps the basics of how to calculate, analyze and evaluate the dynamics of the market that you plan to develop for. Indies who learn this skill-set will find that the insights it leads to can help them develop robust game design and business decisions.

This online workshop is primarily directed at game developers who want to apply for the Games Lift Incubator. Registrations by these developers will be prioritized for this workshop. In addition, as long as tickets are available, all participants interested in the workshop topic are welcome. After the presentations, there will be sufficient time to answer individual questions from the participants.

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