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The next ProductTank will take place in Hamburg with two fantastic talks.

Talk No 1: Don’t be afraid of the truth! How to create a fearless team culture.

Even a dead fish can go with the flow. It’s easy to conform. But how do you create an environment that encourages constructive nonconformity? Why is it that important for teams that want to be innovative? Rosanna will talk about how leaders can avoid innovation theatre by cultivating a fearless culture.

Talk No 2: Saying No Without Saying ‚No‘

It’s no secret that product managers who reflexively say „yes“ to everything set themselves up for burnout and their teams up for failure. But the best product managers never find themselves having to reflexively say „no“, either. In this talk, product leader and author of Product Management in Practice Matt LeMay will describe the risks of responding to even the most unreasonable-seeming request with a simple „no“, and will walk through strategies for turning even the most egregious swoop-and-poop into an opportunity to learn new things about your stakeholders and their goals.

This event will be hosted and sponsored by FFW 

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(Dienstag) 18:30 - 21:00(GMT+01:00)




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