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Startup Support

nextMedia.Hamburg: The first port of call for digital start-ups in Hamburg

Who we are

Launched in early 2014, nextMedia.Hamburg strengthens Hamburg’s innovation culture and improves framework conditions for start-up businesses in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The aim is to provide innovative new enterprises with fertile grounds for successfully developing their digital business models.

nextMedia.Hamburg is the first port of call for businesses from the digital economy and serves. By connecting the start-up scene with established stakeholders from the regional media sector, nextMedia.Hamburg aims to actively accompany the process of digitisation in the content industry, thereby strengthening Hamburg’s prime position as an innovative media location in the long term. 

Services provided by nextMedia.Hamburg?

What Hamburg's founders say about nextMedia.Hamburg

“nextMedia.Startup is a great point of contact for start-up businesses in Hamburg. Several exciting connecting factors emerged from our personal meetings. Due to the nextMedia.Startup excellent network, we have been able to enter into personal talks with a number of relevant cooperation partners, which has immensely helped one of our ongoing projects.”
Hannes Wirtz, audioguideMe

“Thanks to the nextMedia.Startup we have been able to swiftly get in contact with relevant established players from Hamburg’s corporate world. As an institution, nextMedia.Startup has assumed an important role within the ecosystem of Hamburg’s business landscape. Bridging the gap between young and established enterprises is useful and profitable for both sides. We look forward to our future collaborations.”
Dr Jonathan Mall, Neuro Flash

“This initiative really fills a gap in Hamburg’s entrepreneurial landscape. We have been able to benefit from various events that May-Lena and her team enabled us to participate in. It goes almost without saying that we also gained huge exposure through the awarding of the Webfuture Award. nextMedia.Startup also stands out for the support it offers to anyone seeking to launch a business. While founding my own business I would have appreciated the support of such a service provider, and it is therefore all the better that it does exist now.”
Jonathan Kurfess, Appinio

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